Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Lust, Caution Dinner

Ooh, this is exciting! It's my first post of a meal I cooked. It's not something I get to do often and haven't cooked a full meal since last year.

This dinner had a theme. The diners watched the movie Lust, Caution before dinner so as a challenge, the menu was to flow with the movie. The dinner was for 9 guests. As I was doing my prep last night, I was really worried about how tonight would actually turn out because there were a few key things that didn't work out. My duck stock for my sauce wasn't dark even though I browned the duck bones, my passion fruit didn't taste very good, so I had to change my sorbet, and I didn't have enough flour to make my tart dough.

Even with these hiccups, the dinner must go on. So, here's how my final menu turned out:

Amuse: Grilled yellow water melon with fleur de sel and seaweed. (Representing: Betrayal--watermelon not being part of the dessert.)
People were amazed that the watermelon was yellow. :)

1st: Fresh Prawn Spring Rolls with sesame seed paste. (Innocence--the ingredients are enjoyed fresh and natural)
2nd: Carrot and Garlic Soup (Transformation--carrot's altered state of smooth consistency)
3rd: Trio of scallop. Left: Seared Scallop with mango salsa and cucumbers and red pepper coulis. Center: Scallop ceviche with grapefruit gelee. Right: Seared scallop with pickled pineapples and ginger and garlic crisps. (Confusion and infatuation)

4th: Duck Medly. Left: Cripsy duck floss with apples and tofu lettuce wrap. Center: Seared duck breast with cardamom sauce on farro. Right: Hand-made duck dumpling. (Ripening)
I was disapointed with the over cooked duck breast and the plating, but my sauce actually turned out tasty. I infused with with some spices like cardamom and star anise.
5th: Citrus Sorbet (Surprise)
Even though it was supposed to be passion fruit, I'm glad with how it turned out. The flavour was really tasty with the orange, lemon, and dalandan juices.
6th: Chocolate bowl with green tea ice cream and fresh strwaberry. (Seduction)
My bowl became my tart dough. :)

I'm glad to say that tonight turned out much better than I expected. I was really happy and even a little surprised to see that all the plates and bowls came back empty. Hopefully next time, I'll have a similar final reaction with less hiccups in the prep.