Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Last Treat in HK

On Sunday, we left Hong Kong.  We had about an hour to roam around IFC mall before taking the Airport Express.  In the mall, there was YoMaMa.....frozen yoghurt.  I had green tea yoghurt with strawberries and oreos.  It was goodl the yoghurt isn't as sour and it pairs perfectly with the strawberries, which isn't usually availabe in Manila.  It was good end to the trip.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bubble Tea Again and Again

Another night......another bubble tea!!!

Last night, as I was drinking my bubble tea, around the corner I passed by this place. It was packed of people waiting outside, so I thought I would try it tonight.

There was a line up again tonight.  It took more than 5 minutes to get my drink after ordering and I understood why the wait was so long. The people didn't seem to be working as fast or perhaps they weren't efficient.  The drink wasn't bad, but it wasn't really worth the wait, knowing there were 3 other bubble tea places in the same area.

It was too sweet for me and really thin.  It reminded me of the bubble tea place in my University village where the only reason we would get it is because it was the only place to get bubble tea.  Next trip to Hong Kong, I would choose the no name place or East Sunshine.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Bubble Tea Again! :)

I'm back in Hong Kong for the weekend and it was such a stressful day!!! Travelling can either go so smoothly or so crappy....and today, it was crappy.  We lost our patience, our tempers, and I got a headache that I just preferred to just stay and do some work in my hotel room.

About an hour later, we headed off for a delicious dinner.  The highlight of my day, however, is my bubble tea!!!!  We headed off to Causeway Bay to look at some of the shops and I went off to look for different bubble tea places to try.

Today, I found one near my previous bubble tea post, One More Cup.  It's called East Sunrise, just a block away from Sogo.  I think it's a franchise from Taiwan.

I ordered what I always order, Pearl Milk tea and I liked it much better than One More Cup. The tea isn't as strong and it's a little more milky.  It did not disapoint, but it still doesn't beat the no name one across the street that's also cheaper.  After a stressful day, this was a nice end to the night. Tomorrow, there's another place to try. :)