Sunday, June 27, 2010

happy at hy's without the steak

Last night's dinner was at Hy's Steakhouse.  I love their cheese bread and ceasar salad.  :)
Ceasar salad made tableside.

 And ice wine for dinner.

organic and raw

For today, I got to try a restaurant that serves raw organic food, Organic Lives.  This type of food is getting really popular because it's so healthy.  None of the food is cooked so that the enzymes are still present for the body to benefit.

The starter we tried was crackers and cheese. The crackers are dehydrated and the cheese is made from nuts.

For the main courses we had lasagna  with ceasar salad and nachos.  The lasagna felt more like a salad.  My friend said terrine would have been appropriate name for it, I agree.  It tasted very fresh and the salad was good too.  I can imagine a ceasar salad.

The nachos was difficult to eat.  The crackers and some of the accompaniments were the same stuff as our cheese and crackers, which was disappointing.  

We also had a strawberry smoothie called the pink drink.

I find the food and concept really interesting.  Although it's not somehting I can eat everyday, I really do feel healthier eating raw food.  I just wished that it would not re-use the same components in different dishes and labeling them differently.  Also, I think it would be better if they be more creative with naming and describing their dishes and veer away from common terms such as nachos and lasagna.  I feel like it would open the diner's mind to a whole world of possibilities rather than disapointed expectations.

finally satisfied my milkshake craving at Sophie's

It was a rare morning I had all to myself. I needed to take advantage of it and finally have my strawberry milkshake craving satisfied. 

So I headed for Sophie's.  It's a fun diner and the owner's name is Sophie.  I really enjoyed my milkshake.  The vegetable omelette on the other hand was just so-so.  I still enjoy the place though, it's fun and the people are really hospitable.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

fresh made yogurt and waffle cones at Timothy's

I love going to Steveston and having homemade ice cream and waffle cones.  We got their around 9pm and it was full with a line up.  Today I tried their frozen yogurt instead of ice cream.  You get to pick from a wide selection of fruits.  I chose strawberry and peach which got mixed with the plain frozen yogurt and enjoyed from their waffle cones fresh from the maker.  Yum yum.

Ice cream section.
Making my order.

Steveston when it's closed.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


A few years ago, one of my favorite things to eat was the Shanghai steamed dumplings (xiao long bao) and the best place to have it in Vancouver is a place called Chen's in Richmond.  A few years back, the place was just a hole in the wall and we felt like it was such a find.  It was small and dirty, but the food was the best and cheap too!  It was opened by a Shanghainese couple.  The husband was the chef in the kitchen while the wife ran the front of the house.  In the afternoon when it wasn't as busy, she can be found in her front counter wrapping the dumplings. 

Now, the restaurant really looks like a restaurant.  It's got tiles, painted walls, decent tabels and chairs.  It's also much bigger.  Aside from the husband and wife, they have also hired more people to help out.  Even though it's bigger, you still have to wait in line because the food hasn't changed in quality and still not expensive.

My family still loves this place and today, we came here for dinner.

Some of the food we ordered today:
For the appetizer, we had cold veggies with beancurd and sesame oil.  It's tastes so much better than it looks.
Some glutten with peanuts and pig's ear mushrooms.

 Vegetable wonton soup

Green onion pancake.

Dan dan noodles

And of course xiao long bao.  There's so much soup, it fills up the whole spoon.

This place is a rare one.  They are so consistant and there isn't a dish they bring out that isn't good.  It's too bad there's only so much you can fit in your stomach in one meal.

Decent places in Downtown Vancouver

I've been downtown everyday on this trip.  I've had two pretty decent lunches this week.  One in Yew in the Four Season's Hotel and the other is the Japanese fusion place called Miku.

Yesterday's lunch in Yew was very satisfying.  I got the crab sandwich and it tasted really fresh and sweet.  The flavors were very clean and pleasant.  They also made their own potato chips with rosemary salt.  Near the end of the meal, the server found out we were Filipinos also.  Then he started giving us free coffee, free cookies and water.

Today's lunch was in Miku.  I had their version of goma-e and vegetable rolls.  It's not anything amazing, but well made.

Then to dinner.....

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Night at Jean Georges' Market in Shangri-La

I'm back in Vancouver again! Yay!  Tonight's dinner was at Jean Georges restaurant called Market in the Shangri-la Hotel.  I have been hearing mixed reviews about this place so I didn't know what to expect.  We were a party of more than ten, so they gave us a set menu with limited items to choose from.  Also, there is the automatic 18% gratuity charge for the large party.

The food came and it wasn't bad.  However, the service was really slow.  We sat down at 8:45 pm, the main courses didn't come until around 10pm and we didn't finish till about 11pm.  The service was really odd, definitely not up to par compared to other Shangri-la's.

One of the servers were incredibly rude.  A diner ordered shortribs and the server brought out a snapper instead and insisted that it's what he ordered!!! I was quite surprised to hear that.  We also waited quite a while for the dessert and when we followed up, the server wanted to remind us with some attitude that the kitchen was doing 17 INDIVIDUAL Cakes.  I can do 17 cakes in minutes!!!

Then there was this guy, I think he might have been the manager who was really nice yet also odd.  He was very playful and entertaining.  One of the dessert plates that was served said "Happy Birthday", yet we didn't request for it or say anything, but he just laughed and jokingly started singing the happy birthday song.  Up to now, we don't know if it was a joke or a mistake.

At least the food was pretty good, but far from amazing.  The pea soup tasted fresh.

I had the truffle and fontina cheese pizza for the main course and it was tasty.  Everyone seemed to be happy with the other main courses as well. 

The dessert was a little disappointing.  It didn't really come warm and I didn't like the texture of the ice cream.

Overall, the service was definitely not worht 18%, but everyone liked the food.  Although, I don't think we'll be itching to come back anytime soon.