Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 2 of Treats!

It is day 2 of coupon trip!!  I started the day early with a yoga class and that’s as healthy as the day gets….
We headed out to 208 Duecento Otto for lunch.  It’s an Italian restaurant on Hollywood Road in Central with bold flavors and super interesting interiors.   The girls from Riquiqui, advised us not to order drinks because it would be a glass full of ice and as we watched the drinks pass us by, they were so right!  I tried not to eat such a heavy meal because I was looking forward to dinner.

I loved this Pomodori Uovo.  It has tomatoes, garlic, a poached egg, and pecorino cheese.  Simple enough yet jam packed in flavor intensity.
 My plate with arugula salad.
  The artichokes on this were yummy! The fish I didn't try.
 Mushroom pizza from the wood fired oven!

Dessert didn't really like this ice cream, I forgot what flavor it was....I think passion fruit or maybe saffron?? Hmm......  :p

Coupon #4: Bubble tea!!!!!! This is my favorite bubble tea place in Causeway bay.  There is no brand name to it and totally local.  Flavor-wise it beats all the other places surrounding it.

Coupon #5:  Dinner at AMBER! This restaurant won restaurant of the year or something like that, but I was more excited about the fact that the executive chef here trained with Alain Passard of L’Arpege, where I’ve had my most memorable meal. 
There were 2 choices, the 5 course truffle menu or the 8 course degustation full of signature dishes.  We opted for the truffle menu because it was lighter and truffles are in season and I believe we made the right choice.  I cheated because the vegetarian options didn’t look so appetizing.   I loved that the server on his own initiative consulted the kitchen and came back to give me options and suggestions to remove or replace certain ingredients with heavier meats. 

This dish is mozzarella on oxtail jell-O with truffles and sourdough….drooling again! :)

Other dishes:
Poullard bresse, my least favorite dish of the night.  Although it was very soft, it wasn't cooked evenly, there were still veins, and it was too "fleshy" for me.

This was my favorite dish of the night.  The pasta was like risotto and the flavors  just complement each other; perfectly executed and perfectly balanced.

We changed the dessert to their chocolate souffle with dark chocolate sorbet.  It was good, but I found it too much and I wished it was more chocolaty.  I could only finish half.
Then the petit fours came……oh the petit fours!!!!! I loved the chocolate madeleines, the lemon tart, and the macaroons.  I wish I had more room in my stomach to eat it all.
It was truly a wonderful night of food.  I’ve never experienced such good quality truffles shaved in front of me and at liberal amounts. This meal is one that will be forever remembered! 
To sum it up….it was a delicious day!!!    I'm such a bogi, not a yogi....sigh....oh well...Day 3 here I am!!!!! :p

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  1. i'm so jealous! everything looks so appetizing!