Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 3 & 4: Stuffed, Satisfied, and Grateful

I started the day with the intention of doing a yoga class but when the alarm went off, I just opted to go back to bed and sleep…..hey, it’s a vacation. 

So today, we started the day off with lunch at Din Tai Fung.  I love the noodles in this place.

Coupon #6: Frozen yogurt at YoMaMa…green tea with strawberries and Oreos.  I like the yogurt here because it’s not so sour.  The places in Manila don’t offer strawberries and when they do, it just looks sad.   And the Oreos….I just can’t resist, it goes nicely with the green tea.  
For dinner we went to 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana in Central.  It’s an Italian place that’s known for truffles which also happens to be in season.  We decided to share a couple truffle dishes.
Bread to dip in  olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
Before the truffle dishes, our starters came. I had the artichoke soup that I eyed on the lunch menu.  I’ve never seen restaurants offer artichoke soup and I love artichokes so I had to ask if it’s still available for dinner. What a delight that it was! I loved the dish so much I was trying to scrape off every drop in the bowl.

The truffle cart came to our table.  It had our dishes, the truffle bowl, the truffle shaver, and Chef Bombana to shave the truffles.

I have a thing for half cooked and runny eggs.  Truffles and eggs make the perfect pair so when I had  my first spoonful of this, I was in heaven.  We shared the dish between two people which was just right.  If I had the whole dish on my own, it might’ve been too rich.
We also shared the pasta, nothing too special.
Petit Fours
I really enjoyed this place.  The staff was really knowledgeable and friendly.  It felt very comfortable even though it’s a fancy place.

To end the night we skipped dessert in 8 1/2 and went back to Riquiqui.
It’s not always about going to a nice place or just eating good food, but about the total experience that counts most.  I have a thing for personal touches and Riquiqui is full of it.  Sitting on the bar feels comfortably intimate; it’s easy to chat with the company we are with, chat with the girls working as we watch them at work.  The girls are full of energy and so easy to talk to.  What I like most though is that the place and the food come from a sincere place and that is why the desserts are delicious.  As we spent time here and ate the desserts, the feeling that stands out for me is that there is genuine love of food, making it, and sharing it, which is what makes me want to come back.
That’s the end of day 3 which marks the end of the coupons.  

Today is day 4 which marks the end of the trip.  I've been to Hong Kong many times, but this is the first time I've been to Soho and Lang Kwai Fong, which are both fun places to be at.  I enjoyed it very much..  It's a completely different experience compared to my usual humdrum Hong Kong trips.  I can finally say I like going to Hong Kong.  It's definitely one of the best and memorable presents I've received; it's right up there with my first ice cream maker and L'Arpege meal. I feel very lucky and grateful.

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